Google Translate utilized by hackers to create WannaCry ransom notes, say the experts.

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May 30, 2017
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June 2, 2017

Google Translate utilized by hackers to create WannaCry ransom notes, say the experts.

Based on the testimonials of the security specialists,WannaCry ransomware hackers used Google Translate to create their ransom notes.

Evaluation of the ransom notes indicates hackers used Google Translate to translate notes consists of chinese characters into other languages.

Security company Flashpoint stated their investigation indicates it has an association to the southern part of China, although WannaCry still continues to be associated with hackers in North Korea.

The ransom notes all told victims practically the same – they must move their bitcoin otherwise their information could be lost.

From the 28 different records, the security company claimed the English edition as well as just two Chinese character variations were compiled by a human.

The remaining 25 records seem to have already been written in English that was subjected to Google Translate.

The English note seems to be compiled by someone with good English language, there is a glaring grammatical mistake within the notes indicating that the speaker is non-native or unless poorly educated.

“Comparisons between your Google translated versions of the English ransomware notice towards the related WannaCry ransom note produced almost identical result with a percentage of 96% or more.

Flashpoint added the English ransom note was nearly perfect aside from “a glaring grammatical error” which implies “the speaker is non native or maybe poorly educated.”

The security company included: “The two ransom notes in Chinese vary considerably from the remaining records in structure, subject, and tone.
“An amount of unique traits within the notice show a fluent Chinese speaker wrote it.

“A typo in the notes, “帮组” rather than “帮助” defining as “help,” clearly suggests the note was created utilizing a Chinese-language input program instead of being converted from the different version.”

The WannaCry ransomware cyberattack struck people and the NHS in 150 countries.

The malicious software can be used by hackers to stop use of a PC program until there is a ransom paid.

WannaCry locks the information in the computer system and leaves two documents: the Wanna Decryptor program as well as the directions to decrypt
The information.

Victims are warned that their documents may be removed within days.

Previously it have been said that North Korean hackers called the Lazarus Team were behind the WannaCry ransomware attack.

The hacking team has been linked by specialists towards the North Korean state, directed by despot Kim jong un.

The Lazarus Team were apparently behind the Sony Pictures Entertainment hack in 2014.

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