The Complexity of Translation

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June 2, 2017
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July 13, 2017

The Complexity of Translation

I participate in the era who’d Spanish classes in fourth-year senior school as well as in the 8 semesters in university.

It had been the Spanish literature course that my interest in translation started.

Remember the game where the course was split into three teams to convert a narrative poetry in Spanish into Cebuano, English and Tagalog.

I was in the team assigned to convert the poetry to Cebuano and that I remember I loved doing it and instructor loved it too after I read it in the class. Since then I loved translating brief articles and English literary pieces to Cebuano. Studying the very best Cebuano documents significantly and hearing great Cebuano speakers produced my utilization and understanding of Cebuano.

When translation is not really a course requirement, it is different. After I took my graduate studies, my agent asked me to convert a workers’ guide to Cebuano to get a construction company. I had been reluctant because I didn’t feel comfortable however it was immediate and besides, the subject was not even close to my interest.

It was after I got my pension that I acquired a majority of translation work.
My colleague prof. Henry Francis Espiritu suggested me to translate some famous books that I have prepared to accept.

Because between I’ve been requested to translate other projects that have been smaller for now since I’m just half-way of the book.Translating the book has given me much knowledge. To begin with, it made me understand and enjoy tradition and Arab background by examining the commentaries. Within the interpretation I used several book to obtain the right term to stay much nearer to the writing.

I started using the book’s preface and that I was really relieved that my translation was accepted by the publishers.
I posted it for editing for each section completed which includes thirty or even more areas with associated detailed commentaries for it was the procedure.

The writing is simple to convert however it may be the commentaries that I am currently attempting to develop a faster method of converting and have to engross myself in. The job is really stressful that I’m still almost half-way of the book.
Our advocacy for issues and women’s problems made me convert the Land of Cebu’s Ladies Development Code to Cebuano but sadly, I couldn’t finish it.

Converting the Ladies Development Code involves utilizing and understanding the correct conditions within the code. The translation function is going to be accomplished prior to the code is amended. Arriving between converting the Ladies Development Code of the Land of Cebu and Commentary of the Qur’an as well as the English Translation was the interpretation of twenty five articles on various subjects.

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